About Us
The family established their home and business in he small holy town of Pushkar in Rajasthan.

As the years went by the 4 brothers got more involved with the euoropian tourists that began to arrive every year to Pushkar to make and buy localy manufactured garments. 

The 4 brothers who enjoyed the company of the colorful tourists that visited their shop in the market, became more and more professional in the clothing business.

In the first years all parcels were sent by the postal service and in 1989 ,

LILA SHYAM became the first overseas exporters in Pushkar.
The years went by and one shop become two, and then another, and finally a small factory still situated near the Brahma Temple in town. Today the 4 brothers are succeded by the younger generation who grew up into this colorful exciting business. 
Mandu, Raju, Harish and Kalu learnt all they know from their fathers and combined with their own inovative and modern ideas have taken LILA SHYAM to the next level.
In 2012 the company moved into their new modern Factory with more then 500 employees under one roof.
The LILA SHYAM company has customers from all corners of the world, who return year after year to enjoy and work in the professional and friendly enviorment created by the LILA SHYAM Family and Staff.